Gold Coin 916 Purity

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Gold Coin 916 Purity

916 Purity Gold Coins: Wonderful Gifts for Savings and Prosperity

Today, gold coins are not just currencies like they were in earlier days but are now a sign of pure love and blessings that you share with your loved ones. Malabar Gold & Diamonds brings for you an authentic range of 916 purity gold coins that adds volume to your gestures on special occasion.

Gold Coins are not Just Gifts

Buying gold coins today is a good way of investment as these can be used at any point of time without worrying about price fluctuations. Though these are generally given as gifts to very special people but making a collection of them can undoubtedly add to your finances. In India, people believe them to be auspicious and buy them on festivals. Whether it’s Diwali or Eid these gold currencies are fruitful investment flocked with endless purity.

Nowadays, it is a general norm that elders give the younger generation, gold coins that symbolizes their blessings on special occasion or festivals. No single occasion is complete without a gold coin, such is the effect of these prized possessions. At Malabar Gold & Diamonds we are well aware of the fact, how important gold coins as blessings are, hence have a varied range of gold coins that not only enhances sanctity of occasion but also spruces up your sentiments for your loved ones.

Designs That Outweigh Size:

Available in varied designs and patterns 22 karat gold coins at Malabar Gold and Diamonds are priced according to their weight. Gold coin designs available at Malabar gold and diamonds weigh from 1 gram to 50 grams giving you a choice to buy the best-suited coin depending on your pocket. The Gold coins online collection is stamped with designs of deities and flowers thus leaving no dearth of choice specific to our occasion.

Online Collection of Gold Coin:

Malabar Gold and diamonds offers you an authentic way of shopping for pure gold coins at the touch of a click. With us as your ultimate shopping destination for glittering currency, you can effortlessly buy gold coins online, from anywhere anytime, depending on your affordability options. The Gold coin price offered by us is of international standards making them worth investments.

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