Luminance Collection

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Luminance Collection

Enlighten Your Spirits With Luminance Collection:

Gold has always been considered an epitome of prosperity and fortune, and when gold is blended with pearl, the result you get is sheer enlightenment. Malabar Gold & Diamonds brings the Gold Jewellery Luminance collection that is a blend of gold and pearls. Every piece from the collection signifies brilliance and instigates a gleam of elegance in the adorner. As a wonderful bodily embellishment for formal as well as casual occasions every pendant from the Luminance Collection is worth the stature of every woman who loves flaunting flamboyance with style.

Pendants: Stylish Yet Sophisticated Trinkets

As the popular form of jewellery for women since ages, pendants are the loose-neck hangings that are attached to necklaces or chains through loops. Pendants are the most versatile jewellery pieces not just in terms of designs but utility as well. You can adorn them anywhere, anytime without compromising on your style statement. At Malabar Gold & Diamonds we totally understand the importance of pendants for jewellery lovers, hence have come up with a wide range of pendants in our Gold Jewellery named Luminance. Attached with pearls, these pendants from Luminance are a work of immaculate designing that undeniably adds to your style statement instantly.

Wide Variety to Choose From:

The love for pendants amongst women never ends. The growing popularity of pendants as jewellery pieces owes to the fact that these can be adorned to any occasion irrespective of the ensemble one flaunts in. These remarkably spruce up the elegance of any attire. As style talismans for any occasion, pendants from the Luminance Gold Collection are wondrous style enhancers for both formal and casual occasions. Since the basic idea behind this collection is to enlighten your style and personality, the wide variety is designed using Pearls and Gold as the main elements. The wide range of designs offered by the collection gives you the power to choose the best depending on your style preference.

Depend On Us!

At Malabar Gold & Diamonds we aim at building happy customers. Our sole intention is to serve you with the most authentic and exquisite jewellery that adds to your elegance and complements your persona. The huge range of Fashion Gold Pendant necklace designs from Luminance gives you the ability to choose the best piece without many efforts. With our online collection, you can choose the BIS hallmark authenticated pendants from anywhere. Our online store gives you the comfort of choosing the best at your convenience, at any time.


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