Gold Pendant for Women

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Gold Pendant for Women

How to Buy Gold Pendants for Women Online

A gold pendant is definitely the favorite jewelry of many women across a varied age group. One cannot resist the charm of a delicately crafted piece hanging from an equally great designer chain. Nowadays, just like everything else; one can buy gold pendant online. You might hear a lot of people discouraging you form doing this and telling you that you are putting your money at risk. This is true if you just randomly buy forma any website; however if you follow the following tips there is absolutely no need to worry when online gold pendant shopping.

1. The first thing you should be careful about is whom you are buying it form. There are already a lot of reputed retailers that hardly need an introduction. Stick to these few names only and do not buy form any new comer in the market.

2. Next thing to be sure is of their payment options. Is there COD facility that is cash on delivery? Today a lot of people who buy gold pendant online avail of this offer. Before placing an order, you can check for the availability of the same in your area and then proceed.

3. When online gold pendant shopping, read product description carefully. In the description look for the presence of BIS 916 marking. This is proof of the authenticity of the quality of the gold. Now, as far as the quality of gold pendant is concerned, know the difference between carat and karat. The latter tells you the purity and the former the weight. Hence, a 14 k or karat gold will have lesser purity than an 18 k and an 18K will have lesser purity than 22 K. The maximum purity found in gold jewelry is 22k. However, if you are looking for gold pendant for women that are studded with diamonds then you have no choice but to buy gold with a purity of 18K or lesser. The reason is that diamonds cannot be studded properly in gold jewellery with higher purity.

4. Now, once the package arrives, look for the authenticity marking that is BIS 916 and then only make the payment.

5. Similar to reading the product descriptions of gold pendant for women; you must also keep in mind the return policy or cancellation of request. When buying gold pendants for women online it is important to know whether any action will be taken and how long it will take for the same if, there are any defects found or there is difference in the design that you ordered.

6. What gold rate will the online retailer consider when shipping a replacement? This is very important as it can make a significant difference to your budget.

Lastly, ensure that you receive certificates of the diamonds studded in the pendant too. Once you are sure of all these points when buying gold pendants for women online then there is no cause to worry.

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